Profollica package

Reduce hair loss with Profollica®! ProFollica® uses a two part strategy for nourishing your hair follicles, and helps guys gain the confidence of a fuller head of hair.

ProFollica® is formulated, from years of research.. The ingredients, and their exact proportion, were chosen based on their ability to address DHT, increase blood circulation, and to assist hair follicles. These compounds should have their first visible effects within weeks of starting use, and help you fight hair loss and feel good again!

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Ultra Hair Away™

Ultra Hair Away Package

Ultra Hair Away™ hair inhibitor helps reduce unwanted body hair. In the process, it makes life easier, and reduces the chance people will stare for all the wrong reasons!

Ultra Hair Away™ is designed to slow down unwanted body hair. It’s fast, gentle, and can be used on most parts of the body.

Using Ultra Hair Away™ according to directions causes hair to become thinner and finer over weeks of application, until hair growth is no longer there!

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Your bed is beckoning. You want to sleep, but you can't. And you're lying awake, because you're up early tomorrow and you've got so many things to do and you can't sleep and...

Relax. Take a deep breath. Alteril is a natural sleeping aid, consisting of some of the most effective sleep inducers, including l-tryptophan, melatonin, valerian and l-theanine. Alteril will have you in deep, lasting and refreshing sleep when you need it most.

Because sometimes we need a helping hand to gently nudge us to sleepy time. You don't need sleeping pills to sleep well. Alteril produces no known side effects and is a healthy and effective way to ensure your date with the sandman. Get the sleep you desire with Alteril.

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